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Flamepack 3.o.1 by Taser-Rander Flamepack 3.o.1 by Taser-Rander
UPDATE: Resubmitted as a Zip file so you can just open it in apophysis.

The long awaited Flamepack 3.o.1 is out! 20 new flames, many of which were previously unreleased are included. Requires Apophysis 2.0.5 Beta.

:spotlight-left: Terms of Use :spotlight-right:
If your going to use these in your own deviations, I hold the right to ask you to take the deviation down if I feel it has not been edited enough. These are not here for you to resubmit, they are here for you to experiment with. You must credit me in the description, and either drop a note or a comment on this picture with a link to the deviation. I just want to keep my work safe, im sure you understand, as your all artists like me.

Also, if your going to use it then you should be nice and add it to your favs. But thats just because its the right thing to do, But its not required. Share the wealth! :D

List of flames included:
1) Essence
2) The Miracle
3) Red Velvet
4) Acid Rain
5) Chocolate
6) Soul
7) Eye
8) Dream Theater Detail
9) Dream Theater
10) Whats Inside (Needs tweaking to look like the one i uploaded, i dont have the original, but this is the flame it was made with. Move the triangles around a bit then apply a master scale and you should get identical results to the one i have in my gallery, the bottom left picture on the preview is a sample of what this looks like)
11) Broken Glass
12) Shattered Ice
13) Knowledge
14) On The Grid
15) Grunge
16) Tidal
17) Pentagonal
18) Flames
19) Vanilla Bean
20) Razorback

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gimpZora Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
thank you very much for sharing! :D
MonikaGasser Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Many thanks ... I've used one of your presets in Quadrium|Flame. [link]
erwilzei Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
Blood and ashes, these are amazing
Taser-Rander Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2006
Thanks :)
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December 22, 2006
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